Your unemployed friend has tested the diagnosis of hair

Your unemployed friend has tested the diagnosis of hair

Changing shampoo is possible. Hanna urged me to do this especially in the summer: when you’re so relaxed and have less chance of making dandruff … And then when you’re less afraid to rinse your hair in cold water! In general, it takes a little time to adapt so that the scalp gets used to the new shampoo.

After shampooing 

Mix Dead Sea salts (sold at Norgil) with one liter of water. Spill the mixture on your head and the whole body. Not only will this neutralize the harmful effects of limescale in your shower water, but it will also relieve the most sensitive skin and scalp.

If you are a smoker and you do not need blow drying, do not hesitate to rinse your hair from time to time without doing any shampoo. This will remove odors and some deposits. Ditto if you live in a polluted place – as is the case for me in Paris.

Originally, your hair is composed of cuticles that surround and protect the lower layer of hair, called the cortex. This is responsible for the strength of the hair fiber, its strength and elasticity. The cuticles, for their part, are like scales which are welded together by cement and which bring shine and suppleness to your hair. A healthy hair is therefore a hair with smooth scales and a healthy cortex.

What is the cause of sensitized hair?

Many factors can cause hair sensitization. First, the environmental factors, uncontrollable of your daily life such as water, UV, pollution, which can damage the cuticles and weaken the hair. To these environmental factors are added coloring or discoloration, which open the scales of the hair to change the color, and therefore the desoldering, or brushings and hairstyles that pull on the fiber and can make it brittle.Now take a look at how these features of diagnostic capillaire.

How to know the state of health of my hair?

Since we do not all have a specialist or a home microscope, we need to focus on the reactions of our hair to simple tests. The elasticity test makes it possible, for example, to define the sensitization stage of the fiber. Take one of your hair, place it between your thumbs and forefingers and pull on the fiber. If the hair returns to the identical after the test, you have a healthy hair.


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