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after you’ve made your decision and your fancy new turntable and phono preamp are to your living room, now what? After attaching the platter and the force belt, you want to make sure your table is stage to your shelf or stand, because of this the use of a spirit level, like this one from Vinyl Records. If the table has adjustable feet you could use the ones, if now not you could want to adjust the feet at the shelf, or improvise a chunk. The phono cartridge is likely to be attached and pre-aligned with the aid of the factory (we’ll come again to that) so the next massive step may be placing the tonearm counterweight, tracking force, and the anti-skating weight.

The counter weight balances the arm, at the same time as the monitoring force sets how lots pressure is used to press the stylus on to the floor of the document. Too little and the stylus may want to effortlessly skip, too much and it’ll reason excessive put on on the stylus and probable the report as properly. The anti-skating weight is used to hold the stylus from pressing unevenly at the internal half of the groove. This method is a chunk worried and could range depending on what table you pick, so you may additionally want to consult the manual, or you could continually call the store with questions. To preserve this text to an affordable length, I’ll permit music hall’s Roy corridor come up with an concept of the way it’s completed:

The blanketed force gauge will get the process performed, however to get the satisfactory accuracy and overall performance you could want to select up a force gauge, consisting of Shure’s SFG-2. recollect after I said the manufacturing facility is possibly to have executed the cartridge alignment for you? properly they ought to have, but a bump throughout transport should mean that the alignment is off, and it’s an awesome concept to test. thankfully this is simple, you can genuinely print out an alignment protractor using a loose guide, or if you’d like some thing more strong than paper, you may purchase one for as low as $10.


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