Tough for removal of quota on green card visas to become a law

The quota on the green card visas was going to be completely removed which would have allowed more Indians to apply for it. In fact, as far as getting the green card is concerned, India and China will be ahead in the line.
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In fact, Indians and Chinese who arrive in the US on the H1B visa are not happy with the current quota system of 7% countrywide imposed on this visa. The congressional research service(CRS) which conducts research on the behalf of the Congress has said that removing the limits would cause Indians and Chinese to arrive in the US in large numbers.

These applicants would be those who have already filed the employer-based immigration petition and got the labor certification from the Department of Labor. They could have then applied for adjustment of status because the limit on the green card visa could be removed. The session of the Congress which began from January 3 this year would have removed the limit on the green cards issued to every country. Indians who were eagerly waiting for their green cards in the employment-based lawful permanent residency category now could have moved ahead. The largest percentage of such applicants consists of Indians.

Long line for employment-based green cards

There is a long line for employment-based green card visas as of now. It consisted of 390,025 applicants and Indians constitute a significant percentage of it at 78%. If the quota would have been lifted, this queue would have become smaller. If such a decision was converted to law, then the only employment-based green card visa seekers to be rejected would have been of those who were not eligible as per talent. Removing the quota would allow talented workers to be selected in larger percentages from countries such as China and India.

However, those who were opposing this law were doing so on the basis of it driving the wages down and even deteriorating the working conditions in the US. Those who were in favor of lifting the quota know that who will get this visa will only get based on merit. Hence there was not going to be an increase in the employment-based green card visas.

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Bill HR 392 yet to become a law

However, this bill is yet to become a law. Indians still have to abide by the 7% quota for green cards issued on the basis of employer sponsorship and family reunion. The bill for removing this quota is known HR 392 and it’s still in a gestation phase. Although it had great support from 329 sponsors including companies like Deloitte, it’s not on the priority list of Democrats. Every year 1,40,000 green cards are issued and every country can just get 7% of such visas equaling 9,800.

Indians have to face a time period of a decade in getting a green card visa because of the country wise limit. In fact, some kinds of Indians have to wait for 151 years in getting a green card.

One should opt for Canada instead of waiting so long for the green card in the US. The Canadian government provides you with PR in 6 months once you are eligible as per the conditions of Express Entry. The candidates are selected on the basis of a First come First serve basis once they have the required CRS score chosen in a draw.

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