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Players toss yuts and check yuts with their level sides up. On the off chance that one of them is upward, we call it Do, if two are up it is called Gae, three are Geol and four are Yut. What’s more, if the majority of the yuts’ level sides face down, it is called Mo.

Players can move their round pieces on the 부스타빗 board as per what number of their yuts face upward. Also, on account of Mo, which means none of yuts’ level side is upward, the player can move multiple times, which is the biggest.

If there should arise an occurrence of Mo and Yut, the player can toss yet again and move roundn pieces multiple times a turn. In the event that your group’s round pieces gets other group’s one, you can play by and by. In the circumstance where one level side where XXX is engraved fakes upward, you should move your round pieces one stage back. The group whose round pieces are the first to go around the checkboard wins.

South Korean game makers go mobile

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The every day drive can be an epic fight for some South Koreans. In the most wired nation on the planet, it isn’t remarkable to see transport and train travelers occupied with online cell phone wars, doing combating evil presences and vanquishing dreamlands while in transit to work.

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