MyCyberCafe and Softweres

MyCyberCafe – capable organization answer for Internet bistros.

Controls the time utilization of your PCs and game consoles.Client programming limits the customer development the way where you need it – covers work territory images, the Windows get, the passageway to the system.Viably manages customer accounts, security, entertainments and undertakings use.

MyCyberCafe programming supports: Desktop PCs, slim clients (terminal organizations, NComputing, etc.)MyCybercafe charging writing computer programs is the convincing mechanical assembly for managing your Internet bistro, shools, motels or gaming bistro/game core interest.

The board

SUse cyber cafe software to remote control your individual terminals, incorporate time or money, end session or reboot your terminals from a central territory.

Association customer accounts

In the customer record chart you can make another customer account, adjust or eradicate a present record.

Association Prepaid-Codes

In the Prepaid-Codes outline You can make another code list, modify, delete, charge or print a current Prepaid-Code list.


MyCyberCafe’s estimation will show to every one of you verifiable information about the cash bargains, session trades, and logins report. You can either use the isolating ability to adjust the amount of data records appeared at one time.


You can use MyCyberCafe as clever POS-System. Use this boss to start another prepaid session, incorporate money or offer a thing or paid early codes to a customer.

Security Manager

The windows methodologies grants to turn away the windows configuration changes at the clients and cutoff your Windows or certain application.


MyCyberCafe support clear, scaled expenses and day-dependant rates.

Shaky Client

Activate this option if you are using a terminal server or the Thin-Client hardware. Each Thin-Client needs its own Windows customer.


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