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The NVC normally forms an application bundle inside 3–5 months, and after that advances it to a U.S. international safe haven or office in the nation of origin of the mate looking for a green card.

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Going to the green card meet and anticipating endorsement

The Can I travel with ESTA application? last advance in the marriage-based green card procedure is the green card meet. The meeting official’s essential objective is to evaluate the validness of the marriage. Questions can concentrate on the couple’s relationship history, just as their day by day exercises and tentative arrangements together. In the event that the meeting official is adequately persuaded that the marriage isn’t deceitful, they will favor the mate for a green card.

The area of the meeting — notwithstanding whether the supporting mate should likewise visit — relies upon where the mate looking for a green card as of now lives:


A mate applying for a green card from inside the United States will go to their meeting with the supporting life partner at their neighborhood USCIS office. The physical green card will normally touch base via mail inside 2-3 weeks of case endorsement.


A life partner applying for a green card from abroad will go to a meeting at a U.S. international safe haven or office in their nation of origin. The supporting life partner does not go to this meeting.

The mate looking for a green card will at that point get a visa stamp in their international ID, taking into account travel to the United States. The USCIS Immigrant Fee ($220) must be paid online before a physical green card can be issued.

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