Discord bot which can clone a discord server?

Excellent Discord Bots Tatsumaki

It’s a bot that covers all of the bases, with capabilities designed to improve moderation and increase server usage, as well as deliver your customers a laugh commands to play with.


Tatsumaki’s moderation functions Discord bot no configuration. They’re geared up to use, with instructions to govern customers (ban, mute, etc.), prune messages, configure welcome messages, and more.

You can also seek YouTube, look for cat data, and play a number of assorted video games, in addition to run server-huge polls. There’s an extensive leveling device with XP to be had for customers primarily based on their activity.


Over three hundred,000 servers use Pancake on their Discord server, and for appropriate reason. It’s easy to apply, with a wholesome balance between a laugh commands for users and full-size moderation for admins. It’s any other invite-to-get-started out bot, so you don’t want to worry approximately server hosting.

Discord Bots Pancake

A customizable moderation device lets you manipulate the entirety from voice chat to person banning, with a permissions device to installation your moderating teams with one of a kind powers.

There’s an smooth-to-use song playback machine with guide from a couple of resources, along with SoundCloud and YouTube. Social features, like casino games, image searches, and funny story commands, also help to make your server a bit more vibrant.

With loads of instructions available, there’s something for every person on a Pancake Discord server.

Customize Your Discord experience

Discord is a awesome platform with a touch-to-no value of access for small and big groups alike. Bots like those help to enhance your server, adding features like track, video games, and extra moderation to enhance the revel in even in addition.

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