ActivFreeze | Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Device

Percussive therapy for Muscle restoration

The rub down gun is a percussive therapy remedy that helps boost up the growth of tissues. The therapy allows the tissue repair by way of supplying in-intensity, quick-duration pulses deep into the tissues.

In the meantime, it additionally muscle gun stimulation that enables in muscle toning and balance.

Selecting the proper massage Gun

Why choosing the right rubdown gun is crucial? as it impacts the entirety about how rapid you may recover to how fast you could improve. Why the Toro Muscle healing massage Gun? as it gives those benefits:

Styles of strength and pace

When buying a massage gun, energy and velocity is the maximum crucial aspect that you have to don’t forget. you may recognize due to the fact you’ll have exceptional various needs from simple muscle relaxation to high intensive rubdown.

Varieties of Attachment

It’s turned into first-class to have those options to selected from. commonly, you use the circular attachment for regular muscle treatment. at the same time as the stick kind attachment is for extra particular and correct rub down therapy, quality to apply for muscle close to bony regions which include hands or backbone area.


It’s miles hard to carry some thing heavy specifically when you are visiting. So the general public recommend a lightweight form of rubdown gun, Toro Muscle recovery rubdown Gun is a terrific instance weighing about 2.1 pound.

Battery lifestyles

Make sure that the battery existence of the massage gun you desired to buy lasts lengthy enough that it remains useful when you want it most.

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